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"When I sit down to write a song, I give all the emotions I've kept buried inside a moment of release and that's when I put my pen to paper."

Jennifer Jess was born in Arlington, Virginia. Her family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 1 year old. She grew up listening to her mother sing songs around the house while teaching her about performing. This inspired her to one day become a professional musician. She joined the school choir every year in hopes to learn more about singing since she could not afford private music lessons. She performed a song for the first time singing a cappella at a school talent show in 5th grade and continued to perform in as many as she could the following years. After high school, Jennifer attended college majoring in Vocal Performance. Though her love of Opera will always be with her, the love of songwriting and pop music was so much greater. Shortly after discovering this, she decided to leave college and pursue her own music full time. She attended many talent programs and conferences in order to understand the music industry better. During this time, Jennifer found Twitch and began streaming a few days a week. Through Twitch, she has been able to build a community so supportive of her music and her dreams. Jennifer released her first single entitled "Blue" in late 2019 amassing near 1 million streams. She continues to release music and with every new song she is able to share a little bit more of herself.


"Her music aims to restore pop music to it's original authentic and complex sound, with a personal touch of modern unique expression. Her first single "Blue" released in late 2019, had a warm welcome from her quickly formed fanbase and her second release "Crazy" in early 2020 impressed worldwide critics within a few weeks.

"Her latest single moves beyond bedroom-pop into a refined, detailed style of singing that she impressively does all on her own. “Crazy” isn’t designed for conscious, focused listening but introduces the singer’s more ecstatic and livelier side." -XTTRAWAVE

"Crazy is incredibly well structured, it’s dynamically resounding from the first verse to the last. It’s strikingly perceptible that Jennifer Jess intended to take you on an emotional rollercoaster with Crazy. An achieved goal thanks to her evocative ingenuity." -Stefan Toren, A&R Manager, London.


"Jennifer Jess' "restoration movement" in the pop scene stands out through the combination of meaningful heartfelt lyrics, modestly treated vocal production and unexpected melodies. It's a captivating love letter in response to those who lost their faith in pop music." 

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