December 2020

The Christmas single is here! "On Christmas Day" is now available on all streaming platforms!

October 2020

First ever Christmas single Release!

Coming this December, plan to hear a brand new Christmas single written and performed by Jennifer Jess and fellow musician Emmy Law. Release date: 12/4/2020. Watch the single release premiere on on 12/3.

August 2020

First ever EP release coming late 2020!

So excited to release my very first EP this year after all the 2020 craziness! These five songs will explore every aspect of my genre and my music style, which makes me very excited to share them with my community.

You can expect the official release later this year!


June 2020

First acoustic single to be released June 19th!

Hey guys!!
I'm so excited to release my 3rd single titled "Me First". I wrote this song three years ago after a long writers block. This is the first acoustic song, FULLY produced by me to be released this month!